How effective methods of penis enlargement?

Marketers claim that extenders, vacuum devices, tablets and lotions can increase the size of the penis. But do all these methods effective? And how are they safe?

The size of the penis is a common source of anxiety for men. This concern has led to a whole industry to increase penile. The turnover of the global market for these goods and services millions of dollars a year.

In the current article we will discuss the efficacy and side effects of penis enlargement methods. We will also discuss average length and girth of the male penis and to explain the circumstances under which men should seek medical advice.

Can men increase the size of his penis?

penis enlargement.

Most men who want to increase the size of his penis, possess normal parameters, that is, the length and girth of their penis, allow them to implement sexual function and urination.

Manufacturers claim that their products, including pills, creams and stretching devices can increase penis size. Some men are concerned about this issue, also consider the option of surgical magnification. However, the experts of the American Association of urologists believe that almost all of these methods are ineffective.

Below each of the methods of penis enlargement discussed in more detail.

Training for the penis

Simulators are designed to enlarge the penis by stretching the tissue. The man puts the penis in the load or other device that is designed for gentle stretching.

In 2010, American scientists have published a review which indicated that the stretch fit is the only scientifically based technique for lengthening the penis. The experts noted that in its effectiveness, this technique may not give surgery.

Stretching devices have become a Central object of several studies which have produced mixed results. In some cases, the experts concluded that such devices can increase penis length by 1-3 inches.

In most studies the participants used the device to increase the penis within 4-6 hours daily. Only in one study, subjects wore the device for 9 hours a day.

The researchers also was able to learn, improve or stretching device perspectives of patients undergoing surgery on the penis.

However, we must recognize that evidence on the effectiveness of stretching devices are limited. Scientists need to conduct additional research to more accurately establish the feasibility and safety of their use. Currently, the American Association of urology recommends not using this method of penis enlargement.

Vacuum device

The typical vacuum device are a tube that fits over the penis. By pumping air inside this tube creates a vacuum, which provides additional blood flow to the penis, whereby the size of the latter increase.

Men often use a vacuum device to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction. There is no serious scientific evidence that such devices are able to increase the size of the penis.

Pills and lotions

The modern market offers a lot of pills and creams, which, according to the producers able to increase the size of the penis. These products contain many different vitamins, minerals, plant components or hormones.

There is no serious scientific evidence that using pills and lotions men can increase the size of the penis.

Operations on the penis

There are two main types of operations to increase penis size.

Augmentation of the body of the penis involves injection into the penis of fat cells. Thus, doctors can increase the thickness of the penis, and in some cases length.

Men wishing to succumb to the augmentation of the penis, it should be understood that this procedure carries serious risks. Among the side effects include the following:

  • swelling of the penis;
  • curvature of the penis.

If the side effects are to severe, the patient may require removal of the penis.

During surgery, men can be transplanted fat cells from another part of the body into the penis. This is a less invasive method of breast enlargement. On average, it provides an increase in penis at 2.39 and 2.65 inches for 12 months.

However, the body may lose from 20 to 80% increase in volume within one year after the operation. Therefore, to achieve acceptable results people have to endure multiple surgeries.

The second type of surgery involves cutting the ligament attaching the penis.

This ligament holds the penis to the pubic area and provides support for the body during erection. Notching her, the surgeon changes the angle of the penis, which takes a longer view.

On average, the surgery to remove the ligaments fixing the penis increases its length by 1-3 inches, but the level of satisfaction with the results of this procedure, low as from patients themselves and sexual partners. The fact that the lack of support of the penis during erection complicates the introduction of the penis into the vagina

Given the above described difficulties of the American Association of urology considers the augmentation of the penis is neither safe nor effective.

The average size of a penis

the size of the member

The size and shape of penis in different men vary widely.

In 2014, British scientists presented results of the study, which was attended by about 15.5 thousand men, living in different regions of the world. Based on the results of this study revealed the following:

  • the average size of the penis made up 9.16 cm in length and of 9.31 cm in girth.
    the average size of the erect penis made 13,12 cm in length and of 11.66 cm in girth.

The authors indicated that only 5% of men had a penis length in flaccid state was in excess of 16 cm Have the same share of subjects the length of the penis was less than 10 centimeters.

In some cases, men may resort to surgery?

The medical community believes that surgery is appropriate only in those cases when men have the condition, which is denoted by the term small penis. It is diagnosed if the length of the erect penis does not exceed 7.5 inches.

Risks and side effects of penile enlargement

Surgery to increase the penis is able to specify side effects, including swelling and infection. Sometimes these side effects are so severe that doctors had to remove the penis.

Surgical procedures can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

In addition, the abuse of vacuum devices may cause damage to the penile tissues and it also causes problems with erection.

How to improve sex life?

Negative thoughts about the size of the penis can inhibit sexual pleasure. The vast majority of penis enlargement methods are ineffective, but counseling is able to increase self-esteem and change the misconception of men about their bodies.

Among the effective methods include shaving the pubic hair, making it possible to increase penis visually.

In addition, you should understand that excess fat in the abdomen reduces the appearance of the penis.

When you need to go to the doctor?

Benefit from talking with the doctor unable to people who suffer from a medical condition called PDD.

There are two types of traffic, but each of them are underestimating the size of their own penis and overestimate the size of the penis of other people.

Traffic rules can lead to depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction. Some men who suffer from this disorder, see problems with potency and low satisfaction with sex.

SDA is one of the corporal body dysmorphic disorder. This term in medical practice describes an excessive concern of people appearance of your body through any obvious anatomical defects.

Syndrome small penis

In this state men are concerned that others will think their penis is too small. Because of these experiences, they don't want to undress in front of other people.


Many men are insecure about the size of their genitals. Such concern led to the rapid development of a vast market of goods and services intended to enlarge the penis.

However, there is only limited evidence of the use of such funds. Moreover, some of them are associated with serious risks.

If a person is worried about the size of his penis, he can discuss it with your doctor.