Surgery to enlarge the penis

Many men are unhappy with the length of his penis. First, they try to solve the problem at home using the techniques without surgery. Some manage to achieve the desired result. And those who pump and nozzles did not help, decided on a more radical methods, resorting to plastic surgery.

Surgery allows to increase penis and make it thicker due to the extraction of the hidden parts of the body out.

The operation is easy and quick procedure. It is performed under General anesthesia. The doctors cut the ligament of the penis and release up to 2.5 inches hidden part of the penis. About the same can enlarge the phallus with the help of the extender. Sutures heal after 10-14 days, the new bundle is fully formed within 90 days.

Features operations

surgery to increase the member

Part of the penis 3-5 centimeters is hidden in the pubic area. Surgery penis enlargement allows you to enlarge the penis with dissection of the ligament. It implanted a special matrix which provides a rapid growth of connective tissue. In addition, the dissection of the ligaments, stimulates the regeneration of cells.

This allows you to create the new position of the body and secure it with a new healed relationship. After the surgery will have to wear an extender through which the bundle remains in position and will not return to its original place. It can be removed only when around a new dense connective tissue.

Also performs operations for thickening of the penis. They are considered to be more simple, as carried out with injections of adipose tissue of the patient.


Before surgery you need to undergo a full examination to identify possible reactions to allergens and see if there are any contraindications.

The patient meets with a surgeon, urologist, laboratory tests of blood and urine. The blood of her husband tested for HIV, hepatitis, and also determine blood group and RH factor.

You can do the operation in such illnesses:

  • Problems in the urogenital system.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • The problem with blood clotting.
  • Diabetes mellitus and cancer.

If all the tests were normal and no contraindications are detected, the augmentation of a member appointed at any time. Before surgery can not eat or drink.

The procedure

In the operating room to the man doing General anesthesia. His body relaxes, he slowly falls asleep, and the doctors prepared him for surgery. For 40-60 minutes, the doctors have time to dissect the superficial creases. It is very important not to violate the second fold, the more powerful.

Next, make a vertical incision in the region of the scrotum. This procedure doctors watch on monitors, this allows you to make small incisions to make the scars were minimal.

The recovery period

If during the surgical intervention were errors or the patient is not properly prepared for the procedure during the recovery period can be some complications.

In the first few months of the intervention may open bleeding in the area of the incision, the wound can get infected. Also, a patient may feel pain during an erection, reduced sensitivity of the head, and the swelling kept longer than necessary.

The most common complications are:

  • The tilt of the penis forward or downward during erection.
  • The weakness of a member during the frictions.
  • Reducing warping and deformation of the trunk of the penis.
  • The problems with erection.

To avoid complications, you need to carefully choose the clinic and the surgeon. The trust is only trusted doctor who knows and owns technique of penis enlargement.

How you can increase the member with surgery

To increase phallus operating method is 3-5 cm depending on the patient physiology and the structure of its body. But if you do not wear the recovery period extender, the penis will return to its normal size.

After surgery the member is increased by 1-2 cm, an additional 1.5-2.5 cm gives the instrument about two months. Wear it every day, first 1-2 hours, gradually increasing the time up to 8 hours.

Depending on the technique selected, you can resize:

  • 1 inch of the injection;
  • 1, 5 inch — new funds;
  • 3 cm — muscular implantation.

In some cases, resort to surgical intervention

The doctor prescribes the operation is not in all cases. If man normal penis size, but he considered it a little due to psychological factors, the doctor will be able to dissuade him from the operation. Thus, clients are shown a video from the event. Once people see what you are doing during the procedure, he usually refuses to do.

But there are cases when doctors insist that the operation was carried out on increase of a member:

  • defect of the urethra;
  • the wrong structure or curvature of the member;
  • induration;
  • the anatomical structure;
  • excess subcutaneous fat;
  • concealed or webbed penis.

Surgery for penis enlargement by different methods and their cost


The operation is called surgery for penis enlargement in men. Recently, this procedure is very popular among representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Such treatment practically does not lead to complications and can be performed quickly and her husband go home the very next day after the surgery was performed for penis enlargement. However, patients with problems of erectile function, to do the operation is prohibited.

The essence of the method is to remove certain connections. The anatomical structure of the phallus, part of it is hidden within the pubic region. She stays inside because of the special connection that is cut during the procedure.

This allows you to bring the member outside for 1-2 cm. Once people depart from the anesthesia, his member wear a special orthopedic device — the extender, which must be worn throughout the recovery period. This will allow you to form a new ligament. The member therefore will always be longer than 3-5 inches.

Thickening of the penis by surgery

There are cases where the phallus of the husband has a normal length, but needs to be adjusted in its width. Doctors say that this will help change the sexual life of men. There are several methods of thickening member.

Fat grafting is an operation to enlarge the penis, during which the subcutaneous tissue is injected adipose tissue. Simultaneously performed liposuction to collect fat from other places of the patient. Fat is injected around the member with a special needle. This procedure allows you to make a phallus thicker, about 1 cm.

This operation is not complicated, and recover from it much faster and easier than abdominal surgery.

However, the thickening effect remains forever, so when you return the body in its original form, the manipulation must be repeated.

Transplantation of muscle tissue is considered to be a complex operation. For this you need a fabric that is taken with the axillary fascia or the abdominal wall. This fabric is applied around the penis and sutured to her vessels. Such manipulation allows to increase the diameter of the body at 3-4 cm.


The prosthesis is done by sex change and certain health indicators. Just for the sake of increase of the member the prosthesis is not used.

The prosthesis used in irreversible causes of impotence:

  • atherosclerosis of the arteries of the member;
  • fibrosis of the cavernous bodies;
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • complications of injuries of the penis.

Treatment of the phallus by the classical method with such reasons will not give a positive result. So the doctor takes the decision to implant some device in the penis of men. The prosthesis is introduced into the cavity of the organ. They are semi-rigid and hydraulic.

Elastic dentures are cheaper and are reminiscent of the long silicon rod, which is installed to the location of the corpora cavernosa after their expansion. Such a prosthesis allows you to keep the phallus in erection.

You can also set the rod with the memory effect. It consists of a metal rod from a special alloy that allows the penis to take the disturbed and weakened condition.

Increase by muscle transplantation

Such interference refers to the mini surgery. That new expensive procedure, which makes the penis much thicker. The operation was carried out for 3 hours under General anesthesia. The surgeon makes incisions member in a circle and pulls him down.

After that, throughout the volume of superimposed tissue that is taken from the axillary fascia or the abdominal wall. After the fabric was fixed, the foreskin pull back and sew.

The first week the man is in the hospital under the supervision of a physician. Pain in the groin area can hold for 20-25 days, so it is very important to monitor their well-being. The disadvantage of this method include trauma, long recovery period and possibility of side effects.

Perhaps the most important effects of radiation therapy in prostate cancer

A very dangerous disease is prostate cancer. At this illness the pathogenic cells are formed in the body and block the work of the reproductive system of men. The disease has significant consequences, including infertility, coma and even death. In practice, doctors try to eliminate all the cells of a malignant tumor of the prostate and save the patient's life.

The most effective and most common treatment when prostate cancer is radiation therapy. The treatment is carried out both independently and in addition to surgery. In inoperable form of cancer radiation technique is the only option, despite the consequences. The essence of the radiation of the method is irradiation of a malignant tumor on the prostate gland guided radiation permissible dose. After completing radiation treatments tumor development stops and killed pathogenic cells.

There are two types of treatment for prostate cancer:

  • remote (external irradiation);
  • brachytherapy (internal effect of ionizing radiation).
penis enlargement.

The effectiveness and necessity of a particular method of radiation treatments is determined by the individual characteristics of the patient, possible complications of the disease, etc. do Not exclude the risk of deterioration of the patient with cancer, so until the appointment is to make a diagnosis, determines the probability of such treatment. To conduct sessions, the oncologist should discuss the number of patients saying possible complications and consequences. Before the operation (say, a radical prostate removal – prostatectomy) prostate as well as after it, prescribe a course of chemotherapy. The procedure effectively suspends the development of pathogenic cancer cells in tissues and organs.

The effects of irradiation directed radiation in prostate cancer may be different. In some cases, side effects are minimal and disappear after end of treatment. But in practice happen and serious situation when the negative impact of radiation exposure affected more assigned medication for an interrupt (mild) negative consequences. But sometimes they are irreparable.